Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Other than the dire spiritual situation in Ipoh, we had a great time in terms of food. I had never had 2 dinners, 2 lunches back to back. In fact, the food was so good that my dear friend, Simon (the guy on the right), gave up the idea of being on diet during our short stay there.  Posted by Picasa

This is the 4th book-table we had in Malaysia. My friends drove us to Ipoh and attended a church on Sunday. It was one of the most shocking services I have ever attended in Malaysia. The preacher did not use the word "God", "Christ", "sin", "repentance" or any biblical terms. All he taked about (not preached), was how to solve problems from a humanistic point of view. I was aghast!.  Posted by Picasa

At 6, he is the youngest volunteer at Grace to You Singapore. He is my son, Paul.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 15, 2005

And not forgetting to thank our volunteers who came to help us: Joel, Juin Ming, Joanna, Lee Leng and Yut Leng. I wish I had taken a picture with them! And GTY's 2 Board members who came with their wives: Dr. and Mrs. Chew and Mr. and Mrs. Ang Chor Chen.  Posted by Picasa

And yes, not forgetting food! How can we have invite our friends without food. A good spread but Janie and I was so caught up with talking to people and manning the book-table that we didn't eat a morsel...and we thought we could skip lunch and have a good buffet! Posted by Picasa

We setup the biggest book-table we've had to date, bringing all of John's books and CD albums. I spent several hours packing it and Joel helped me to bring it to the venue.  Posted by Picasa

Well, the big event for the year - our Thanksgiving Tea. We invited our donors and volunteers to share this joyous ocassion with us, letting them know that we are 8 years old through God's sustainance and also letting them know what we will be doing in the coming months: ie: monthly newsletters, radio broadcasts and GTY-Malaysia! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally in Disneyland! After a week of meetings, a couple of days at Grand Canyon, we finally headed to the last part of our trip, to Anaheim, Disneyland. We went to 3 different places: Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and Sea World. It was easily the most enjoyable trip we have ever had...and also the most expensive! Looks like we won't be going anywhere for quite a while...! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

This IS Grand Canyon! It was a magnificent sight and I just thank God for the opportunity to see first-hand this beautiful sight and to contemplate how BIG our God is! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don and Nancy Green - Don is the Managing Director of Grace to You. I had always appreciated speaking to Don. Some years back, my older son was getting out of control despite our persistent discipline. We had a difficult time with him and with no wise counsel at hand, we turn to the Lord for help. A couple of days later, I met Don and Stan at the airport, who were in Singapore en-route back to USA. And it was that hour or so in my conversation with Don, when he laid down how he would discipline his kids that I began to realize what I had done wrong in the disciplining process! God proved to be faithful! Well, let me re-phrase that...God IS faithful!

Stan and Steph Broder

Stan is my boss...and my friend. Stan has been our international director for the past 25 years at Grace to You! He has always been encouraging. I remember when I first came to Grace to You - USA for training back in 1998, being a young guy, I was overwhelmed with the extent of the ministry, not just at Grace to You, but in Grace Church, the Seminary and even the Shepherd's Conference. At the end of my trip, I remember asking Stan if they made a mistake in having me on board. Stan, in his reply, likened the situation to the apostle Paul encouraging young Timothy to be faithful, to stand firm and not to let anyone look down on his youth. That's Stan...always encouraging! I wish there were more people like him...but first it must start from ME!
On that night when the photo was taken, the international directors gathered to give Stan a big surprise. As Stan will be retiring end of this year, we took the opportunity to shower him with our gifts and most important of all, Jean Funnell helped all of us to put together a scrap book of our specific ministries and some pictures of the time when Stan was there. It was a great night!

John MacArthur

Finally took a picture with John MacArthur. John was instrumental in leading me to Christ. No, he did not lead me through a gospel tract. But in 1994, my good friend Joel Leong, handed me a sermon tape by John MacArthur entitled "Examine Yourself Whether You Be in the Faith". Well, I thought I was a Christian back then, but I realised that I only understood the gospel after listening to that sermon. I committed myself to the Lord and started studying the Bible, using resources from (guess who?) John, and thus began an endless life-transforming work of God. Somehow through God's providence, I was given the opportunity to serve in John's ministry in 1997. It is a great privilege to serve the Lord in this ministry. Having been exposed to solid, faithful, verse-by-verse preaching, I see this as a crucial ministry for the Lord to use to feed His people spiritual truths.

Soon Yong, Aileen and Nathan

Our hosts in USA - Singaporeans Soon Yong, Aileen and little Nathan. Soon Yong is now studying in The Masters Seminary in his 1st year. Hopefully it will be the Lord's will for him to come back to Singapore to pastor a church. Aileen was most gracious with us, taking care of all of our needs. And Nathan is an equally good host, sharing his toys with my 2 bullies.

Waiting for Cab

Anxiously waiting for the cab - August was an exciting time for the family. We were going to USA for 3 weeks! I had some meetings at Grace to You and after that, we will be going to Grand Canyon and bringing the boys to Disneyland.